July 10th, 2005


Guerilla Fursuiting Philly

I had a great experience today. I had mentioned that we had found a plaza about 5 blocks from the hotel that has large game piece sculptures. Picture giant chess pieces, bingo chips, Monopoly markers, and dominoes. I thought it would be a great place to fursuit. I mentioned it to a few other suiters and they thought it would be really cool as well. So today I arranged an outing to go get some pics. At first there was a lot of interest, but after a few suiters said it was way too hot and humid outside, I started losing my group. Finally I decided to just do it. After putting my paw down I still ended up with 16 suiters. Yes, it was hot, but we ended up getting some truly spectacular pictures! I'm hoping albear will post some pics tonight or tomorrow. I will post some when I get home next week. There might be some posted to fursuit as well.

I hope I didn't piss off any staff by doing this. Not that I really care. I had heard that they don't like suiters leaving the con and doing stuff out in the public. Well, they can kiss my furry ass. I made 16 suiters very happy. We all had an awesome time, and the public loved us as well. We did more to promote the fun and positive side of the fandom than those that run the con and hide behind a wall of silence that probably does more to add to the "mystery" of all of the weird things that happen at cons.
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