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Bear Droppings
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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

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New York Drama (and we're not talking Broadway)
Greetings from the Big Apple! Kitty and I arrived yesterday and our relationship was put to the test as I became a snarling grizzly thanks to a SNAFU by Kitty's niece who made travel arrangements for us. The train trip from Philly to New York was a breeze. I had requested business class which was a great move on my part. Two years ago I had taken regular coach and there was almost no room for my suitcase and critter coffin. This time there was plenty of room. The trip was only 80 minutes. We arrived at Penn Station and took a cab to Times Square where our hotel was supposed to be. It turned out that Kitty's niece had to change the reservation at the last minute and she and Kitty never communicated. We ended up at a hotel near JFK. I was completely furious by this time. Not only would I not get to fursuit Times Square, but I had no idea where we would end up. A $50 cab ride later dropped us off in a ghetto part of the city. Now I was a raging snarling bruin. We were nowhere near a subway station and there was nothing around but factories. I wanted to just head to JFK and get home. We changed our plane reservations and were all set to depart today. One other little problem was that my suitcase broke and I needed to buy another. Where?!?! I felt totally trapped and helpless. Every option would cost us several hundred dollars to remedy. Kitty finally found out that there was a free shuttle to JFK. From there we could take the AirTrain to the subway and into NYC. Trip saved! OK> More later. Gotta run!
Live from Q's
It's Wednesday night so that means a weekly furmeet at quentincoyote"s. Kitty and I got everything worked out. After I calmed down last night I took Kitty for a romantic dinner in Little Italy. It was such a gorgeous night that we walked about 35 blocks from Little Italy through Greenwich Village and Soho almost all the way up to Grand Central.

Today we headed back into Manhattan on the subway. We walked around Central Park, went to the Cental Park Zoo and had an authentic street vendor hot dog. Kitty loved it! We then took a taxi to the waterfront and hopped on a 2-hour tour of the Hudson and East Rivers. After that we walked over to Macy's to buy a new suitcase. On the way we hit up a little deli for slice of authentic NYC pizza. OMG! Yum! I lucked out big time at Macy's since most of their luggage was 50% off! Score! We hopped back on the subway and soon were hanging out with all of the local furs at Q's. So now...it's time to enjoy the party!

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