July 16th, 2005


Jet lag!

Kitty and I are back in ABQ. Yesterday was the travel day from Hell. We got to JFK with no problems. Soon, however, we were told that our flight was delayed because storms were wreaking havoc in Atlanta. So we wait and wait. They start to board the plane then stop, then start again. We sit on the tarmac for another 30 minutes. The pilot wants to take a long route over the Atlantic which will take an extra hour, but will give us priority in landing at Hartsfield. Finally the FAA allows his route and we take off.

When we get to Atlanta the airport is in chaos. Flights have been canceled and rescheduled all over the place. Our flight to ABQ had also been delayed so there was no problem making it. Well, it was no problem until they cancelled it due to lack of a flight crew. D'oh! We then ran all over the airport trying to find a short line to get a new flight. Finally after a couple of hours we got re-booked on a flight that would leave in 15 minutes. The bad news was that the gate was at the opposite end of the airport. We ran to the gate and found that the flight had been delayed. D'oh! The gate attendant handed us our boarding passes and smiled. He had upgraded us to 1st class! Woohoo! About an hour later we were boarding and pounding down free drinks. We made it home about 5 hours late. My mother was supposed to have picked us up, but she has terrible night vision and didn't feel safe driving so late. We ended up taking a taxi. We stumbled into the front door at 2 a.m. *crash*
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