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Bear Droppings
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Monday, July 18th, 2005

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"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"--Over-analyzation
Kitty and I went to go see "CatCF" on Sunday. Both of us grew up with the original and so we possibly went in with a jaded perspective. It's one thing to remake a movie that few people cared about or remembered, but it's another to re-create a beloved piece of peoples' childhoods. I was expecting something vastly different in that this movie supposedly followed the book more closely. The first movie must have done a fairly good job, then, because there were a LOT of similarities.

Fundamentally I preferred the Gene Wilder version because Willy Wonka seemed to be more of a magical figure. He truly loved what he was doing! He truly loved children and wanted to make children happy. In the Johnny Depp version, it seems that Wonka was not driven by a love of children, but by a desire to quell the demons in his own mind created by a "bad" childhood. And because he had mental demons to chase, it brings up the whole "Michael Jackson" argument I have heard. It's sad that we have been jaded by Jacko.

Johnny Depp did a good job as Wonka, but his facial expressions and mannerisms smacked too much of Jim Carrey. I had heard Carrey was offered the role first. He would have done a good job.

So, yes, it was visually stunning. The musical numbers were nice, although I left the theater singing the original "Oompa Loompa" song, not anything from the new one.

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