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Bear Droppings
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

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"Furry" art
Anthropomorphism has been around since the dawn of man. I frequently tell people when comparing furries to trekkies that Trekkies follow a show that lasted a few years. Humans have been drawing anthropomorphic art for over 12,000 years. There's just something about the mixing of species that has been in the human psyche through every culture. Most people probably don't think twice about it, but being a furry, I tend to immediately focus in on such things. It doesn't have to be anthropomorphic either. I love all things that have to do with animals.

On our visit to NYC, Kitty and I hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Having grown up in Chicago, I was spoiled by the Art Institute. I was able to see works by Monet, Manet, Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gough. It was a world-class museum. I have never seen a finer collection until I went to the Met. I think both Kitty and I were amazed at the collection. It was truly magnificent. We only spent 4 hours there and so we were rushed. We were able to see the highlights, however.

I found myself drawn to paintings and sculptures that contained animals. No surprise. Artists frequently used Classic stories on which to base their art. Think back to Greek and Roman myth and how many stories involved humans being transformed into animals by the gods, or gods like Zeus who came to Earth in the form of animals to get it on with human women. I remember reading "The Odyssey" and thinking it would have been fun to meet up with Circe and be turned into a pig. *laughs* There were also many fairy tales and legends that involved anthropomorphic characters. Many of these were also interpreted by artists and many of these works have found their way to museums like the Met. I absolutely loved seeing an ancient Japanese drawing depicting a wedding of kitsunes. There was also a scroll from 1800 showing acrobats dressed up in bear suits. Imagine that! Fursuiters 200 years ago! rapidtrabbit was thrilled when we found a samurai helmet with a large rabbit figurine on the top. The museum also had some wonderful sculptures of animals in their non-anthro form.

In our walking around NYC, Kitty and I stumbled across a few other animal sculptures. They ranged from the surreal like an elephant wearing a diaper with a multi-colored pile of poop behind it to the strangeness of a large fat cat in front of a Park Ave apartment building. The Central Park Zoo clock has figurines of animals playing musical instruments which come to life every half-hour. Of course, I captured many of the works of art in pictures.

Kitsune wedding

19th century bear fursuiters

The ancient Egyptians were great for furry art

Usagi Yojimbo IRL

The Bear Trainer

My favorite bear sculpture which I think might have been at the Bronx Zoo at one time

Is that Trigger Happy?

The Central Park Zoo clock tower

The WTF?!? elephant sculpture at Central Park

El Gato Gordo sculpture near Park Ave.

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