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Bear Droppings
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Monday, August 1st, 2005

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Yesterday was another wasted day. Well, wasted in a pretty good way. I was on call for work so I had to get up early to be on the conference call. The Rio Grande is drying up so we have to do coordination calls even on weekends. I was feeling a little better from the previous night, but still a little lonely. Fortunately I had met another local fur that was feeling a bit lonely as well, so I invited him over for some yiff. It had been a long time since I had some spoo. Good times! I also claimed yet another fursuit virgin. I love giving people their very first experiences in putting on a fursuit. After he left I was about to pass out on the sofa when furrysparkles showed up. We had planned on getting some dinner. It was a bit early, so we popped in "Army of Darkness." It had been months since either of us had seen it. Groovy!

After dinner at the local Chinese buffet, I was stuffed. I took Anubis for his walk to try to digest some of the dinner. I was very happy to see a coyote! It has been almost a year since I had seen one. A vet had told a neighbor that there seemed to have been an outbreak of distemper last year among the coyote population. It was nice to see they were still out there. There certainly is an abundance of cottontails and jack rabbits for them to eat. After walkies I sat on the patio and enjoyed a couple of martinis, letting the night slowly creep in around me. Kitty called and we had a very nice conversation. After I hung up I just sat on the patio under the soft glow of Christmas lights looking up at the stars. It was a very clear light. There was one very bright star slowly sinking in the west. I figured it was either Jupiter or Saturn. I got my binoculars and clearly saw the butterscotch-colored circle with a slight bulge in the middle. Yup. Saturn. I wanted to run in and grab my telescope, but that would require at least 15 minutes to set up. By the time I would have had everything set up, the planet would have sunk below the mesa edge. And so I just sat there in silence watching the beautiful "star" slowly disappear. I felt a slight shudder of amazement to realize that at that very moment, a lonely little spacecraft was orbiting that planet sending back incredible photographs and scientific data. If tonight is clear, I think I will get the scope out.

Current Mood: calm

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