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Bear Droppings
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Monday, August 22nd, 2005

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Of Fursuits and furmeets '05
Well, I'm back in LJ land. My week-long training has been completed, and I am back to my old routine. I now know all about government contract administration and am ready to receive my first kickback and/or bribe. *snicker*

It has been a very furry time for me over the past few days. Last Thursday we were supposed to meet up with camstone, but alas, he had a very busy day and was tied up until late in the evening. On Friday tugsie drove down from Salt Lake to spend the weekend with Kitty and me. It is a great honor to know that there are furs that would like to spend their vacations hanging out with us. I don't think we disappointed. Tugsie had to track us down because I was out and about in Nob Hill fursuiting as Zunipup. The businesses have a monthly event that encourage people to walk down Central Ave. and visit all of the local shops and restaurants. They also encourage people to bring their dogs. Animal Humane had their truck set up and had a few dogs on display that were up for adoption. Kitty took me for a walk and took pictures of me with kids that we emailed off to the families the next day. It was a nice time. We finished off the evening with a nice dinner at Kelly's Brewpub.

Saturday was a furmeet at Fur Central in honor of Tugsie's 20th birthday. We sent out the notice to the rest of the NM furs and ended up having the biggest furmeet to date! There were 19 people in attendance including a couple of non-furs and a few from out of state. Roll call: myself and carol_kitty, tugsie, ari_foxy, thipher_84, feralmuse, litnapalm, skitzycat, shimmerfox, baka_skunk, g_ni, tenax, echoweaver, project122, scritchwuff, baphijmm, Tim, Nightrider, and Laziewolf.

It was a potluck dinner and there was much good food to be had. There was much video gaming as well as DDR and Karaoke Revolution on the patio. There was "Kung Fu Hustle" and "Young Frankenstein" on the DVD player. There was sketching and geeky conversations. All in all, a very successful meet! At 1 a.m. I put "Closing Time" on the cd player and everyone said their goodbyes.

Sunday was mainly spent at the zoo with Tugsie, Ari, and Thipher. We made a brief stop in Old Town, but I was pretty wiped out by then and not in a shopping/tour guide mood. We all retreated to Fur Central where I made a pot roast. It was then conversation under the stars on blankets on the lawn.

Oh yes....a few fursuiting pics!

Yay! Cute kid!

The pause that refreshes

Just chillin'

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