September 13th, 2005


This boring life

Hmmmm. I must be in one of my troughs. Perhaps it's delayed PCD. Perhaps it's that time of the month. I'm not angsty. I'm not depressed. I had a nice weekend meeting up with furrysparkles for lunch and echoweaver for dinner. I enjoyed playing Apples to Apples and learning how to play Lunch Money. I was happy to finish the Moon in Katamari. I'm glad to see gas at Costco at $2.78/gallon. I'm glad things are calming down in Louisiana and that there probably won't be 10,000 dead. So things are just moving along. Meh. Too much drama on LJ. I wanna chat, but then I don't wanna. Work is slow. I think I'll just float around for a bit. My sails are flat. I am in the doldrums. EMO!
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