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Bear Droppings
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Friday, September 16th, 2005

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Radioactive Bear
I just fired off an email to the public relations person at White Sands Missle Range to see if I can fursuit at the upcoming open house at the Trinity Site. For those of you unaware, the Trinity Site was the site of the first atomic bomb explosion in 1945. The site is open 2 times a year. I have been there once about 5 years ago. It's basically a depression in the desert with an obelisk marking ground zero. I thought a picture of Sabot standing next to the monument would be fun. So let's see if I get the ok.

I do have an illegal collection of a few small pieces of trinitite at home. Trinitite is the glass that was formed by the heat and pressure of the blast on the surrounding soil. Most was removed, but many pieces remain scattered on the ground. You're not supposed to collect it since it still is radioactive, but I'm a geologist, damnit! I have a few pieces in a small jar surrounded by large specimens of galena (lead).

Any NM furs reading this are welcome to tag along on Oct 1. I'll be posting specifics on the NM Furry list. Even if I can't fursuit I would still like to go for another visit.

Current Mood: optimistic
Nuclear Bear
Reply from the public affairs person....approved! Woohoo! This should be a heck of a cool photo op!

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