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Bear Droppings
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

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Live from Botswana
I friend showed me a live streaming webcam from Botswana that is found on the National Geographic website. It's kinda cool. I have not seen anything too cool except for lots of guinea fowl and a crocodile. Don't forget that it's about 8 hours different from the US. It's just about sunset right now. I have seen them use infra red right after sunset. Many times it is just black. That's pretty cool as well since the audio still functions and you can hear the sounds of the African night.

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Food or music
I have been thoroughly enjoying my XM at work. Like I mentioned yesterday I was a bit surprised to get such good signal being at least 50' from a window (I had said 20 but I think it's more like 50). Plus there is a tremendous amount of electrical noise. Well, I found out that the signal is, in fact, somewhat tenuous. I went to the office near the window where my office mate has a microwave. I popped in my lunch and returned to my desk. No signal. Crap. As soon as the microwave stopped, signal! So it looks like I will not be able to listen to tunes for the early portion of my lunch hour as people heat up their meals.

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