September 27th, 2005


Let the Music Play

I'm still going through my "XM RADIO! *SPOOOO!*" phase. The same thing happened back in 2002 when I discovered KBAC Radio-free Santa Fe. I used to buy lots of cd's. Then radio started sucking big time. I stopped listening when all I heard was 3 Doors Down and Creed. KBAC got me interested in music again. I started buying cd's again. Then the corporate whores of Clear Channel took over and ran the station into the ground. They were allowed some autonomy after much complaining by the public, but at the cost of a much reduced signal. My music buying once again took a nose-dive.

And now I have my XM. I started listening to the XMU station which is like the college radio stations of old. They play a lot of up-and-coming bands as well as new tracks by more established indie bands. I discovered Mellowdrone yesterday and their song "Pretty Boy." They remind me a lot of early Radiohead. They're still a little raw, but I sensed a lot of talent there. The other group I discovered was The Doves which I guess are very big in the U.K. They even have a video for the song "Black and White Town" which was the song I heard. Good stuff.

I'm so happy I am re-discovering my love of music. I have barely scratched the surface of what XM has to offer. I mainly listen to "alternative hits" which plays the big names in old alternative like The Smiths, XTC, Iggy Pop, etc. Then there is the up-and-coming station that I have been listening to a lot at work. Since the sound is a bit more raw, I can only take it in smaller doses. I spend a lot of time in "The Loft" which plays singer-songwriter stuff. This is my favorite genre of music. This would be Nora Jones, Duncan Sheik, Elvis Costello, Warren Zevon, etc. Occasionally I'll listen to jam bands at "The Music Lab." I love the mixing of rock and jazz as band members go off on their own improvisations. I need to find myself some String Cheese Incident. When I want to get a little mellow I go to "XM Cafe" which is the station they play at Starbucks. I first heard the station at a brewpub in Socorro and loved the eclectic mix.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about cool music I discover. I know the tastes of my friends are all over the map. That's good! That's how it should be. If I ever start posting, however, how great Cher and/or Barbara Streisand are, you have permission to shoot me.
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