November 7th, 2005


Doggie Dash '05

Another massively fun and busy weekend. I had thought about breaking this into 2 posts, but since I am heading out of town tomorrow I thought I would combine them into one. So there will be lots o' pics in this post. Think of this as a week's worth of posts in one shot. You probably won't hear from me again until Thursday at the earliest.

On Saturday I took Kitty to Cuba. No, not the place with Castro, Cuba, NM. It's a ghetto little town in an incredibly beautiful part of the state. I had promised Kitty that I would take her up into the mountains to see the aspens changing colors. Well, I knew we would be a few weeks too late, but it would still be pretty. I took her to a place where I had camped a few years ago. We walked with Anubis along a dirt road for maybe a mile just enjoying the solitude and the still-pretty forest. We met up with some hunters and chatted with them for awhile. Seems like the elk had already headed down to lower elevations. After our hike we drove through the forest and hooked up with the main highway at a different point. New Mexico is so ghetto that we have a state highway that's dirt. We stopped along the Jemez River and I shot some photos of the fall foliage. Here's an example.

And here are a few more pics:

Bright sun and bright colors

The Jemez River

Anubis enjoying the leaves

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