November 22nd, 2005


The MFF Report (w/o pics)

I thought I would describe my MFF experience today and follow it up with a few pics tomorrow. Kitty and I got home pretty late last night and I barely had enough time to get the pictures uploaded from the camera.

MFF was a wonderful con. It was very relaxing, I got a little art, and I got in some good fursuiting. All-in-all a great time.

I arrived in Chicago a week ago Tuesday. I spent Tuesday evening through Thursday evening with my mom. I met with some relatives and basically just chilled at home. It was very strange to walk around the house and remember things that happened 30+ years ago but yet it felt like just the other day. I always get incredibly restful sleep when I'm at home sleeping in the bed I used for 18 years.

On Thursday evening I headed up to the hotel. I dropped off my stuff then went to the airport to pick up Kitty. Everything went smoothly and soon we were at the hotel getting our drink on and hanging out with our dear friends.

Friday seemed to last forever. I spent quite a bit of time in fursuit running around as Abbey. The highlight of the day was performing in the Variety Show in 2 skits; Jugular Jaguar's "Triple Suicide" and the ending version of "The Raccoon Song." The show ended around 2 a.m. and I stayed up until 4:30 partying.

Saturday was sort of a blur. I remember the fursuit parade, but everything else is kind of a haze. We did have a very enjoyable dinner at Red Robin with a nice group.

Sunday was pretty uneventful except for being a co-panelist with Aeto on the effects of man on the natural world and Kitty's birthday dinner at Magianno's. There were 24 furs in attendance including Jugular Jaguar who made a fursuit appearance as Calamity Cougar who brought a sign wishing a happy birthday to Car Oil Kitty. Thanks to all that attended including Nevermint, Quasi, Quentin, Freaky, Snowie, BJ, Brace, Tiggy, Berin, Karwood, Sil, and Swifty. (if I forgot you, tell me! I want a list of everyone there!)

In terms of artwork I came away with a new badge from Michelle Light. I was disappointed that I lost out on a Dark Natasha raccoon by $1 since I was in the fursuit games when bidding closed.

I was very happy to spend time getting to know nevermint We had met each other in passing at AC and I was happy to later read that he enjoyed "guerrilla fursuiting" in Colorado. He certainly showed his talent at the con including helping out Kage and 2 at the charity auction.

So another con is in the history books. I think that makes around 11 now. Let's see:
Confurnce '03
AC '03, '04, '05
MFM '04, '05
MFF '04, '05
FC '04, '05
Califur '04, '05

12! Yay!