December 5th, 2005


Dose of reality

I had a little culture shock over the weekend. Kitty and I had wanted to get more involved in the community so we signed up for a couple of holiday lunches for a couple of organizations. I want to join various groups for not unselfish reasons. A lot of the community groups have events throughout the year and I would love to be able to fursuit some more events. On Saturday we went to the party for our neighborhood association. By chance we sat at the table with our city councilor. As I looked around the room at all of the people that were there and as I listened in on a few conversations that were taking place around me, I realized just how on the fringe of society I really am. Even though I am still in the city, our neighborhood is definitely suburban. Everyone was talking about their church or their kids' sports teams and/or schools. All of the conversations were about as mundane as it gets. As we left we both had a feeling that we had visited an alien world, but that it was really we who were the aliens. Fortunately we can assume the shape of the host planet's residents and mingle freely among the populace.

On Sunday we went to a luncheon put on by the Japanese American Cultural League. This was a little better because at least there was some diversity. There was culture in the form of teiko drumming and there was an assortment of tasty treats from the Far East. The people seemed much more friendly and open.

And so I peered out from behind my protective curtain. What I saw made me both sad and happy. On the one paw I saw a homogeneous mass of suburban culture that on the surface looked as bland and white-bread as any portrayed in the "Over the Hedge" comic. On the other paw I felt that I could really stand out as the weirdo in a good and positive way. These people need to be shaken up a bit in a fun way, and maybe a fursuiter is just what they need. It certainly made me appreciate the diversity of this group, all of you on my friends list and the furry community as a whole.
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