December 8th, 2005


More great art

When I first joined the fandom it was right before the holidays. There were all sorts of messages on the boards from furs who were sending cards to each other of giving gifts to one another. I felt like the total outsider. Would I ever be accepted into this seemingly tight-knit family? Would I ever "find my place" in the fandom? Everyone seemed to have character art of themselves in copious amounts. Would I ever have a picture or badge of myself? Even something stupid like avatars. Would I ever have one?

And now here I am. Things worked out o.k. for me. I have numerous con badges, some done by major artists in the fandom. I have turned many of them into avatars/icons. I have had a few commissions done. And what is near and dear to my heart is that a few artists have presented me with the gift of their art. That's the most wonderful gift of all. Kitty had a great tradition in SoCal that we are now using at Fur Central. She has a house sketchbook. Whenever we host a furmeet, we set out the sketch book and encourage our guests to add a little something. A little drawing is nice compensation for an evening of food, drink, and entertainment.

And now I wanted to share a beautiful drawing we had commissioned from the talented mister_f. I met him on a trip to NYC in '04 and discovered he was a talented artist/cartoonist. He can now add fursuiter to that list in that he wore his character at AC this year. And check out his comics at his webpage.

Oh, and now the commission.
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