December 16th, 2005


Narnia: My $0.02

I guess I'll add my 2 cents to the pot regarding Narnia. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a nice fantasy movie that I would put in the same category as "LotR." I was able to suspend reality for 2 hours and enjoy myself. There was no deep thinking involved and there were very few plot holes which tend to ruin things for me. About my only complaint would be the including of tigers on the Witch's side during the battle. Why would one group of animals side with her? Was there a rivalry like that in "Father of the Pride" and the tigers felt slighted that a lion was head honcho?

I did MST3K 3 scenes:
When they were on the train from London: "Get your robes on, everyone! We shall be at Hogwarts soon!"
When the children see the lamp post for the 1st time: "I double dog dare you to stick your tongue to it!"
When Santa presents Peter with the sword: "Is this a Hatorri Hanzo blade?"