December 20th, 2005



Pardon my Yiddish. *grins*
Someone once asked me how I got so many fursuiting gigs. My response was, "Chutzpah!" You have to be bold enough to walk up to someone and say that you want to be their mascot. You can't be afraid to tell people that you have a fursuit. You have to be willing to get your name out in the community so that when the opportunity arises, people will remember you and give you a call. It's one of the reasons why I printed up business cards for my handler to pass out when asked, "Does he do kids parties?" It might not be the direction I want to go, but I gain name recognition.

A few months ago I heard that Albuquerque was getting the equivalent of a minor league NBA team. The leauge is referred to as the "NBA Development League." The name of the team was going to be the Thunderbirds. I decided to check out their website to see if they had a mascot. There was a link to a mascot, but no pics or anything specific. But there was a mascot! I decided to drop an email to the team's general manager. I sent him my performance resume and a sheet of pics of me in action. Fish on! I caught his interest! It sounds like they already have a performer to do the games, but he is looking for someone to do outside gigs. *crosses claws* I really want to land this fish! It would be a dream come true! I want to be like bfbedtimebear who essentially did the same thing with the Missouri River Otters hockey team. He has been doing dozens of gigs for them.

Oh, and BTW, here is a shot of the other mascots from the league. Only Roanoke has a creepy human mascot.
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