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Bear Droppings
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Sunday, December 25th, 2005

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The Best Gift for Christmas......Fursuiting!
Yesterday was day 2 of fursuiting. They were 2 very different events but the fursuit was the same. On both days I wore as Nevada the Santa Bear. On Friday I had my "big break" by suiting for the Albuquerque Thunderbirds basketball team. Yesterday I "guerrilla fursuited" on the Old Town Plaza where there is an annual celebration with thousands of luminaria (candles in brown paper bags). Each event had their highlights.

The Thunderbirds event was great in that I was able to suit at a "major" sporting event in an arena environment. I was able to meet the official mascot and hopefully strut my stuff for the team's management. The funniest story was when I was greeting people as they entered. At first I stood next to the Santa they had hired for the game, but after a kid ran right past Santa and went immediately to me for a hug, I moved off to a different location so as not to steal Santa's thunder. Something similar happened when I moved down to the arena floor during the game. This little boy kept yelling for the bear. The Thunderbirds mascot went over to high-five the boy and he almost pushed the T-Bird aside wanting the bear instead. *lol* Rule #1. Don't upstage the official mascot. I just basically made a few laps around the arena giving high-fives and posing for a few pictures. I was a bit bummed that I was not put somewhere on the schedule to help out with some of the fun promotions they do. It was a thrill, however, to have carte blanche to run around the court. Kitty grabbed some great shots.

Last night was Christmas Eve on the Plaza. I guerrilla fursuited this event last year and it was a big hit. I thought I would try my luck again this year. Yup. It was another big hit. Kitty and I made it down to the Plaza just after sunset. Like last year I barely stepped foot onto the Plaza when I was set upon by people wanting pics. I was afraid I was going to get in trouble with the cops because a line started to form on the street with people wanting pics. First I moved to a spot on the sidewalk, but that started to clog the sidewalk. Kitty moved me to a spot on the grass and it looked like a repeat from Zoo Boo. She had to form a line to keep some order. It was non-stop picture taking for over an hour. The fun part was that it was not only kids that wanted pictures. There were lots of families, older couples, teenagers, and groups of young adults. After about an hour and a half I told Kitty we should head back to the car since we would probably be pounced many times on the way. Yup. It took about 30 minutes to walk the few blocks back to the Furmobile. The most memorable moment was that we bumped into a group of Stormtroopers that were also guerrilla costuming the event. They were a little jealous that the bear was getting so many photo ops. *grins* We might have to do something together next year. Something else happened that Kitty handled very well. A few people offered me money for photo ops. She politely declined and suggested that they donate the money to either Animal Humane or Wildlife West. Believe me, the number of smiles, "Happy Holidays!" "Merry Christmas'!," hugs, and warm wishes that I had made someone's Christmas Eve a little more fun and enjoyable was more than enough payment for me.

And I suppose I should post pics. OK. First, a pic of me and the elusive Albuquerque Thunderbird

And now more pics!

Enjoying the game

Throw me the ball! I'm open!

Who are you callin' a HoHoHo?!?

Giving you the finger

Hopefully I'll be performing here more

And a few pics from Christmas Eve

One of my happy fans from Christmas Eve

My fur coat is better than yours!

Enjoying the light display

I told you! I'm not the bear you're looking for! Damn! My Jedi-bear powers aren't working!


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