February 8th, 2006


A most relaxing evening

Yesterday I decided to just chill out after class. Most people made plans to go out to dinner or hit the bars. Not me. I just wanted to spend a relaxing evening by myself. I hit the Jack-in-the-Box down the street to get a heart attack on a bun a.k.a. The Sourdough Jack. I took it back to my room, threw open the balcony doors, popped open a few beers, and just kicked back and read LJ and chatted. It was so nice. I did take a few pics as well.

Sunset over San Diego

Gah! It's like 9/11!

Night time skyline
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USA Today

I'm surprised that no one has commented about this yet. I get a free copy of USA Today at the hotel. In the "Life" section of today's paper is a big article about "CSI" and how they are pushing the limit in showing weird kinks and such. Guess which episode gets quite the mention? Yup! "Fur and Loathing." There's also quite a bit about the adult baby episode. So once again furry is portrayed as "a bunch of people who get dressed up like animals to have sex."

Not that there's anything wrong with that! :o)
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