January 3rd, 2007


Back to Normal

Well, here I am back at my desk. I thought it was going to be another short day since the cooling system in our server room had been shut off during a power failure. They were frantically trying to get the temperature down as I walked into the office. You know something is up when it's 10 degrees outside and the door is wide open. The network is up and running, however, although our phones are still out.

I had a nice walkies with Anibis last night. Someone had driven most of the roads we normally walk down, so we at least had a nice path for most of the walk. The road by the construction site had been plowed by a bulldozer. There was only one small section of road that still had a virgin layer of snow that I had to post-hole through. Damn! That was a workout! Anubis instantly went into frolic mode when we hit the fresh snow. Like I had said in an earlier post, he's a lab so he loves water even if it's frozen. It was nice to see the tracks of many different critters. I figured several were coyote tracks. I had seen 2 very healthy-looking yotes earlier in the day on the hill in back of the den.

I should also mention that the furmeet on the 1st was a success although it will probably go down as one of the most low-key and mellow events. There was lots of great food and great company. Kitty and I were grateful for the handful of furs that showed up to just chill out.
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