January 10th, 2007


Pre-con depression

Damn! An emo post from teh bear? *lol* Yeah. I'm feeling a bit down today for some reason. I'm a little stressed about not being able to do my job since the computer model I use is having issues. It's a bitch switching over from 2006 to 2007. A bug cropped up in the 2006 model as well so I can't export the data. Bleh.

I'm also stressed about the weather. We're supposed to leave for FC on Saturday which would give us a few days to hang in the Bay Area and visit Kitty's mom. It looks like a nice Winter storm is blowing in tomorrow which may or may not dump a lot of snow in the region. Driving through Flgstaff AZ in snow is NOT fun. It's not a Donner Pass, but it still can suck a lot. We may have to swing south and then over through Phoenix. hunterkitty has graciously agreed to put us up for the night in LA if we have to go that route. I guess I should just take a road trip in stride even if it means an extra 200 miles.

I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your LJ posts. I read every one, but my state of mind is keeping me from being as responsive as I usually am. If you got a comment out of me, you're a lucky one *grins* I had wanted to get online and chat a bit last night since Kitty was out at choir practice. No dice. When I turned on my computer and stared at the screen I just wanted to withdraw instead. I ended up playing Imperialism for about 3 hours. I needed that.

*hugs* to all!
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