January 23rd, 2007


A little FC art drama

Hi, y'all!

Kitty and I are back in ABQ. I'll do a con report thingy tomorrow since I'm pretty wiped out tonight. I did think I would stir up the pot a bit with a little furry art drama. Perhaps this is nothing new. Perhaps it's a tempest in a teacup. I am looking for your opinions.

I really liked the FC art show. Every year it has very high quality art. This year was no exception. There was only one piece I was really interested in. It was a black bear print by Dark Natasha. I set a price of no more than $50 since I liked it but not necessarily loved it. While waiting for bidding to close I stood near the cubicle seeing if anyone would snipe my bid. With about 5 minutes to go someone put a bid below mine. Kitty was also there and started talking to the person who bid. It turned out to be Dark Natasha's mom! I thought this was a bit odd, and I had no desire to bid any higher. It was then that I noticed none one other than Dark Natasha herself placing bids on her own work! I also noticed Eric Light placing bids on works by his wife, Michelle. That was it. I left the art show with a bitter and sour taste in my mouth. I had wondered if sometimes artists would place plants in the voice auction to get the bids up. If the piece sold, ka-ching!. If the piece didn't sell, oh well! There will be another con in a few months with fanbois willing to cough up the next month's rent to buy their favorite artists' work. I think that does it for me buying art at a con's art show. Perhaps I have just been naive all along.
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