January 26th, 2007


FNL Feedback

I've already heard some feedback from both the FC forums and a few friends' LJs regarding the overall quality of this year's Furry Night Live at FC. I'd like to open up my little LJ to those that performed or that saw the performances to provide me with some creative criticism. If you have friends on your lists that are not on my FL, direct them over to leave a comment. We want to keep improving every year. There will always be SNAFU's and technical difficulties, but we want things to run as smoothly as possible even if we are all just a bunch of volunteers frequently seen running around like headless chickens.

We are already formulating plans to get a better cueing system. That seemed to be one of the major issues this year.

Also, what acts do people like and want to see? Obviously farraptor's Reanimator was a big hit in that it won best act. The Blue Fox Group also won many kudos. nekomonthetiger came very close to 3rd place with his mad dancin' skillz, and bearknight's Spy Movie Trailer scored many votes. Anybody want more bellydancing? *lol*

Attention any Windows geeks


I had an XP crash over the weekend. The system restore disk from Gateway that came with the laptop had an option of backing up the data before doing a re-install of the OS. I had already backed up almost all of my documents the week before, so there was not a lot to be lost. There were, however, all of the pics I took while fursuiting in San Fran. I ran restore and all of my applications and stuff were put in a backup directory. When I go to access My Documents/My Pictures, however, it tells me access denied. I don't know if the pics are there or not! I had my pics locked in my personal directory before the crash. The problem is that I can't even specify a user or password to gain access. I even had our office computer person take a look and she was stumped. This looks like a job for hackers! Any of you wonderful geeks know what I should do to get access to this directory?