February 7th, 2007


Goin' Mobile

I'm goin' home.
And when I wanna go home
I go mobile.
---The Who

I'm sitting in DIA waiting for my flight home. It was a good conference. I'm glad I made it.

I was planning on just chilling in my room last night with a 40. There was supposed to be a dinner for the attendees at a local restaurant (at your expense) but I would just assume not eat with the people I work with. I was reading LJ when my phone rang. It was furitz! He and freefox had wanted to meet me for dinner, but since I didn't have a car, the logistics would just not work. I went back to LJ and the phone rang again. It was thrashbear! He had just dropped off a passenger at my hotel and had an hour free. Whoot! I met up with him in the lobby and we headed off to Red Robin for some food and beer (for me). The restaurant was pretty empty, but Red was there! I was bummed that he/she did not come over to our table. I had wanted to get a pic with him/her. While we were leaving I asked the manager where he/she had disappeared to, I was told he/she had left. Crap. I told him that I had wanted to be Red but was too tall for the suit. He said the same thing! *lol* Everybody wants to be a furry! Thrash and I had a good talk about all sorts of stuff. All too soon he had to be back at work. We said our goodbyes and I returned to my room with a 40 I had bought at Safeway.

It will soon be boarding time. I had better shut down.