February 14th, 2007


Takin' a Sick Day

While on walkies last night I watched as the volcanoes to the west of town disappear behind a cloud of white. The Sandias to the east were a ghostly outline. The city to the south quickly faded into obscurity. A light dusting of snow swirled around me. It just had a feeling that we were going to get dumped on again. Sure enough we woke up to find 3-4" on the ground. To the Midwesterners and East Coasters this is a drop in the bucket. To us desert folk, it's a big deal. Since I only had training scheduled for today, and it was just a "nice" training and not something I need to do my job, I decided to blow off work. We were on a 2-hour delay to begin with, why even bother. It's nice to not care all that much about my job. I can put my safety and well-being above the need to be in the office. I have my major year-end report due, but it's sitting on my desk ready to go. So I think I'll grab another cup of coffee and watch the snow still falling outside.