February 16th, 2007


Don't Fear the Reaper

I guess I have officially entered that stage of life called "Middle Aged." I have been having these nagging thoughts of death lately. like I posted in my birthday post there is this realization that I am closer to the end than I am to the beginning. What I find amusing is that I never thought I would be thinking like this. I used to smile amusedly at actors who portrayed middle-aged men and how they went through their mid-life crisis. I don't see myself buying a red sportscar and heading to California with a teeny-bop model, but who knows. *lol* I have tried to take a spiritual approach to the questions. I don't see myself finding Jeebus and going to church regularly. I guess I'm trying to find those answers now as opposed to on my death bed. Once again, that's something I scoffed at when I saw it portrayed on the screen. The whole "making one's peace." I am just amazed that no matter how much I try to push those thoughts away, the more they keep coming to the forefront. I guess the thing that sucks is that life is pretty good. I'm having a good time here on Earth and really don't want to leave. Unfortunately, no one gets out of here alive. I kinda wished that I believed in ghosts so that there would be at least some idea of what awaits. Maybe there is wonder and amazement on the other side. Maybe there's nothing. I'm in no hurry to find out. How about this for a nice lightweight Friday post? *lol* I guess I'll just have a nice weekend and appreciate life.
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