March 30th, 2007


Furry Hospitality

Kitty and I had the pleasure of welcoming another fur to the Land of Entrapment last night. badjahsensei came to town for a conference. We treated him to some New Mexican cuisine at Garduno's. Much tasty food was consumed. The mariachi band was very tight, but unfortunately also very loud. It was a bit difficult to carry on a nice conversation.

As we left the restaurant Cutter spotted a Toys 'R' Us, and so we headed over for some action figure geekery. He couldn't find the figures he was looking for, but I found something that made me go "WTF?!?" They actually had "Lost" action figures! Yes! You too can own your own Jack, Kate, Locke, Charlie, and Hurley! No Sawyer, though. There was also a Hatch playset! Ooooo! Hmmmm. No Sayid, Mr Eko, or Sun and Jin. Racism!!! ;oP

We later went back to Cutter's hotel where we chilled for an hour or so. I am now also the proud owner or his badger fursuit which he wanted to unload. It's a standard badger mascot costume, but I figured I could have some fun with it at a con. Would walking around with a mushroom and a snake be too cliche'? A bananaphone?

Hopefully we'll hook up with him again tonight. We'd like to show him Fur Central.

Once again, the door is open for furs passing through. Well, unless you're a stinky fanboi or you have the social skills of a autistic gorilla with Tourette's Syndrome.
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