May 8th, 2007


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I really shouldn't have posted yesterday. I needed a day to sit back and fully digest the con before posting. I was just so taken with the technology of being able to post while cruising along at 80 MPH through the middle of nowhere that I had to post. I also don't want to be one of those people who post about cons 6 months after the fact or say that they will post a full report later and never do. I will also try not be like the folks who will post about a con several days straight after the event. Consider this the digested con report complete with corn and peanuts. *lol*

I was happy to help out again doing staff feed/con suite. It just seemed to really eat into my con time. Between manning the room for several hours a day and taking the time out to go shopping, it seemed that a lot of con time was lost. Califur is small enough that one doesn't need a lot of time for panels, art show, dealer's den, etc, but I wanted more time to just chill and spend some quality time with folks. I managed to get in a lot of time like that, but I could always use more. Of course the highlight of any con with albear is to wake up, shower, and pop open a beer with him. tarnac has his camelback filled with alky goodness. I have my 26 oz white plastic cup. I love walking around a con with a refreshing alcoholic beverage in my paw. There's something very nice in keeping a low-level buzz going all day. I tried to remain in control at the room parties unlike at FC earlier this year. When I did lay down during the party it was mostly due to just plain exhaustion. Waking up at 7 every day to make sure that there is coffee and danish for staff is a pretty tough thing to do especially when you have been partying past midnight the night before.

I didn't go to a single planned event except for the patron's dinner. I had wanted to go to the pet auction, but it was SRO by the time I got there. I had tickets to the cabaret, but just didn't want to go. I think I made only a couple of trips to the dealers den and art show, but nothing really interested in me. If rockopup hadn't stopped by our room party, I don't think I would have commissioned any art. I also picked up another badge from brown_wolf, but I had ordered that before the con.

As I had mentioned only suited a couple of times. I wore Freesia one night and then wore Sabot in the fursuit parade. I put on my open-faced Pooh suit once and of course there was Daisy Duck. I found that blizl had posted some pics so I yoinked one.

Yeah. I'm crazy like that. *lol* Don't bet me to wear anything like that in public because you know I'll take the bet. It's fodder for places like SomethingAwful, but I am definitely one who can laugh at myself. It also pokes fun at just how ridiculous this whole furry thing is, but it's the most fun I have had in my entire life, so I will continue to immerse myself in it. No regrets.

It was great to re-connect with people as well as meet some new friends. I'm hoping for a repeat at Rocky Mountain FurCon next month and AC the month after that. I would do a "shout-out" section, but I always forget someone. It was great to be able to get fuzzy again after the long dry spell since FC. It was great to re-acquaint myself with my big adopted dyslexic family. *lol*
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