May 11th, 2007


Friday Blender

Just a few tidbits to close out the week.

I saw a beautiful snake while out on walkies yesterday. It was a rich golden color. It zipped under a bush and I pursued it. Just as I got to the bush it came out and slithered to a few inches from my foot. It had its head raised and was shaking its rattle-less tail. I thought it was going to strike so I took a step back. It quickly zipped down a nearby gopher hole. I looked it up in my book of Southwest ecology and it was a racer. There was a caution listed. It said that the snake is non-venomous but will bite very hard. It's a good thing I took that step backwards and didn't try to pick it up.

The garden is coming along nicely. I thought either Skookum snuck in and started using it as a litter box or a rodent got in and ate some of my seeds since my mounds of watermelon, zucchini, and cucumber were all messed up. Perhaps it was the cat because the zucchini just sprouted and is looking just fine. I did notice a gopher hole, however, so I may be doing battle with the critter in the near future. And since I mentioned gardening, I can use my new gardening icon drawn by the lovable brown_wolf.

Kitty asked me about my post from yesterday. I guess it came about from a couple of thoughts that had been floating around in my head. One idea was hatched while we were manning staff feed at Califur. I know this is not a furry-only thing, but why do so many furs think its important to share their medical history with you? Is it not enough to say, "Do you have any sugar-free food?" as opposed to going into a 5 minute discussion about your diabetes? Can you just ask for a glass of water without describing each pill you're taking and for each ailment its treating? It's TMI, folks, especially if I don't know you.

Oh, I see that furries are not the only people getting freaky on Second Life. Wow. Virtual kiddie pr0n.
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And that's about it for now. Today is "Office Cleanup Day." We're suppose to go through all of our files and get rid of old stuff that's no longer needed. Me, I have piles of stuff all over the place. It's a good thing for me to be able clean up a lot of this crap. And the best part is we get free pizza for lunch! Woo hoo!
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