June 7th, 2007


Fur Central

It's not just a name!

Yesterday we enjoyed dinner with linnaeus who is on a tour of the Southwest with 2 of his friends. Tonight we will hopefully meet up with taren_ and semjay who are on their cross-country odyssey to Arizona. Tomorrow we pick up czar_wolfhound who will be doing some archeology work near the Four Corners. We will drive him up there on Saturday and spend the weekend with scruff_e_coyote who is up at Mesa Verde Nat'l Park. The weekend after that is Albu-FUR-que V with the potential for 40+ attendees! Holy crap, Batman! We might have to move to a hotel next year! Kitty has talked with the Sandia Tram people and we are good to go to fursuit the Sandias on Sunday. I think Smokey Bear has already ridden the tram so we won't be the 1st suiters *sadface*

In other news I tried the LJ Book website the other day to do a complete download of my LJ. I was a bit leery about using it since it asked for what appeared to be a "mandatory" donation. Perhaps it only asked for it since I wanted to download 4 years worth of posts. Anyway, I donated the $10-15 it asked (the amount was in pounds) and hoped for the best. I was pleasantly surprised! I received an almost 3000 page .pdf file complete with pictures and comments. So now I have a complete backup of my LJ.
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