June 11th, 2007


June Furry Weekend #2

When we last left the bear, he was anticipating a visit from taren_ and semjay on Thursday night. They, indeed, showed up and there was food consumed at the local Chinese buffet. It was a riot watching their little corgi Annee run circles around Mesa. At least the dogs were occupied. Taren and Sema hung out until lunchtime Friday when they treated us to a nice meal at the local Mexican restaurant.

That night Kitty and I had tickets to an Isotopes game. They beat Memphis and there was much rejoicing. Even though the temps were in the 60's a stiff wind blowing in from the outfield made it seem much colder. The bear had much shrinkage. *lol* The plan was to go to the game and then take the short trip down to the airport to pick up czar_wolfhound. Our plans were dashed, however, when Czar called to tell us his flight was delayed and that his ETA was now after 1 a.m. D'oh! I crashed, but Kitty went to pick him up.

Mesa has now been given nighttime bedroom privileges. Some coyotes started howling right in back of the fence on Friday night so we decided to let him sleep with us. He was a very good puppy! He slept most of the night and there were no "accidents." I think he's finally feeling like one of the pack. Another week and we shall claim him as ours.

On Saturday Czar, Kitty, and I headed off to Mesa Verde Nat'l Park. We met scruff_e_coyote in Cortez CO for a nice party in our motel room. The Travelodge was a bit run down, but you gotta love a motel chain with a bear mascot which adorns everything from the soap to the shampoo. The shampoo even says its gentle to your fur. *lol* I will have to make some Sleepy icons from products I yoinked.

On Sunday we headed into the park to see the ruins and more importantly...FURSUIT! Yes! I sure do fursuit a lot (thank you, Mr Cougar). That makes 5 national parks/monuments I have suited over the past few years. Pics will come tomorrow. Scruff suited up as well, and bear and coyote hit one of the more popular ruins. It really pushed my fursuiting endurance to the maximum. It was about a 0.5 mile hike into a canyon with 100'+ elevation gain. Temps were right around 80 and there was only a slight breeze. We posed for lots of pics with tourists. We got pics of us climbing into a reconstructed kiva . The rangers that were on-site thought it was great and asked for pics. All-in-all it was a great time. At one point on the climb out I almost started hyperventilating. Fortunately we met up with a tour group and I had to stop for pics which gave me a chance to rest. We made it back to the cars and then headed to another set of ruins for a few more pics.

We had lunch at Scruff E's hogan and then toured a few more ruins. All too soon we had to say our good-byes and get Czar to his motel in Farmington, NM. Kitty and I dropped Czar off and then headed on back home. It was an uneventful drive except for a delay caused by a hay truck losing part of its load in an accident. It was certainly good to get home and chill out with the pets. We did find out, however, that Mesa had been a bad puppy and chewed up the cord to one of the Playstation controllers when Ari (who was house-sitting) left him alone for a few minutes. Oh well. Puppies will be puppies.

Next weekend is June Furry Weekend #3 with Albu-FUR-que V! We have the potential for 45 furs descending upon Fur Central on Saturday! *chews claws* If you're planning on attending, BYOC! Bring your own chair! *lol* We only have seating for about 20 unless you are willing to use the stairs and/or a blanket on the ground outside. Any blankets on the ground outside, however, are subject to yoinking by a playful puppy.
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Make a (Death) Wish Foundation

I just saw a video clip on CNN.com that kinda made me sick. The story was about a 10-year-old boy who had a terminal disease. His last wish was to hunt a bear. Some organization donated the money for him to go to Canada to hunt a bear. He killed the poor critter and then died on the way home. Of course the story was about this "heroic" little boy and his disease. His parents looked like the typical redneck Christians who are known to spout off about "god's will" and such. They were so proud that he killed that bear before he died. Of course the media then focused on a bear plushie near the casket. How freakin' touching. Oh yes. The little boy "loved" nature. Well, hopefully karma is in effect and a little bear cub is being born with the little boy's spirit inside. Hopefully he will love being treed by dogs and shot so that he can adorn someone's wall or floor or perhaps fulfill some other diseased little fuck's last wish.

BTW, the organization was not Make a Wish Foundation, but I know they have done this same crap in the past. That's why I refuse to donate to any organization like this. They feel the need to satisfy the human desire outweighs everything else.
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