June 25th, 2007


Most Popular Furry Contest

Since there seems to be a need for validation in the furry fandom, I am hereby announcing a new contest. I will be starting "The Most Popular Fur in the Fandom" contest. The rules are simple. You must be at Anthrocon to participate. Votes will be tallied by me. Points will be awarded by me. I will decide who the most popular fur is come the week of July 9. Here are some of the criteria:
Buy Sabot a beer: 5 points
Buy Sabot a mixed drink: 10 points
Snuggle Sabot while in fursuit (either or both of us in suit): 10 points
Treat Sabot to a meal: Breakfast-10 points, Lunch-15 points, Dinner-20 points
Give Sabot free artwork: 10-50 points depending on the artist and size/quality of art
Yiff: 50-100 points depending on quality

Points will be deducted for uncleanliness and boring conversation about your Second Life character and/or your WoW guild.

So start early next Thursday and don't stop until Monday morning! Rack up those points! You can be THE MOST POPULAR FURSON EVAR!!!!
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