June 30th, 2007



Gah! Good news/bad news about the trip to New York. Bad news: Our flight from ABQ to Chicago went fine, but our connection had mechanical difficulties in Dallas. We might not get out of here until midnight which means we won't get to NY until 2 or 3am! We have no way to get from La Guardia to our hotel since our shuttle stops before midnight. Good news: My mom lives about 3 miles from Midway Airport so we had dinner with her, and we're now sitting in her kitchen having a nice visit. I plan on raising holy hell at the ticket counter when we get back to the airport. They had better provide a taxi for us when we get to NYC.

Pwn3d Even More!

*facepaws* ATA Airlines is a piece of shit! We called every hour to find out when our flight would leave. First we were told 10. Then midnight. Finally we were told that the flight had already left. WTF?!?! It turns out that they rolled out another plane and the flight left just a little later than it was supposed to. Fortunately we still have my mom and so we have a place to sleep for the night. We have a flight to NY that leaves at 6 am. So all in all our plans are only FUBAR'd for 12 hours. We now don't have to worry about a ride from the airport to the hotel. So I have a drink in my paw and will soon head off to bed. I'm looking forward to getting settled in NY and having this vacation begin!