July 10th, 2007


More Thoughts about AC

I see old LJ is bursting at the seams with con posts. To those that didn't go and are getting miffed at all of the posts, sowwy.

First I should announce the winner of The Most Popular Furry Award! The winner is......envelope please......thegreenarcher!!! He hit most of the point categories. He threw the Frozen Oasis party where there was LOTS of free booze. Since I helped him out at the party, he bought me dinner. He gave me a lovely present which I wore in his room. I'm sure pics will eventually show up on somethingawful or f-chan. *LOL* And oh yes, there was yiff. So he covered most of the bases. Congrats! Honorable mentions go out to rockwolf who dropped off some tasty booze at the room party, and jugularjaguar who earned points by proxy by sending me a plushie bear with a demonic laugh.

It seems that legendary sports broadcaster Bob Uecker was staying at the Westin on July 4th and 5th. Damn! I would have liked to have met him. Here's the links to audio files from the Brewers/Pirates game that were broadcast. (Thanks, bjbuttons)

July 4th game

July 5th game

And HERE is a link to his co-host's website with pics from the con.

I'm surprised there haven't been more comments about "Furry Tales." That was the musical that was staged on Thursday the 5th. The house was packed, and I couldn't tell who was a furry and who was a mundane. Well, obviously the 6 or so fursuiters were from the con. Overall it was a nice treatment of the fandom. It captured the basic premise of finding friendship and finding one's own way in the world. The overall comment was that it was not gay enough. Seriously! Boy-meets-girl is not all that common in the fandom. They needed at least one openly gay couple or a boy-meets-boy type of romance. The musical numbers were ok. "Galapagos Metropolis" seemed to go on forever. Maybe I have just weened myself from teh Interaweb over the past few years, but it seemed to over-stress the point that we spend all of our time online. I really liked the song "Everything Awful, Something Great." It seemed to capture a lot of good themes. The other numbers were forgettable, but I have gone to enough musicals to know that not every number can be relevant and there has to be filler songs. I doubt that it will play very many times except in Pittsburgh during future AC's, but I wish the producers/actors success.

Just before the play Kitty and I gave an interview to a person doing a documentary about the fandom. I think we confused him since we were well-dressed, didn't have tails, and were obviously older than most furs in attendance. I hope it makes its way to production.

In closing I could sum up the con with something I said to someone when asked if I was having a good time. I wasn't sure if I had a good time. There was no outstanding moment that jumped out as extremely bad nor good. What the hell had I been doing? I then realized that it was Sunday afternoon. I had essentially been in a furry high for 3 days. Once again it wasn't the the physical things about the con that made it special, it was simply the vibe. It was incredibly relaxing to just walk around with friends with a drink in my paw and take in all that was around me. I do look forward to a smaller con, however, to be able to really connect with people. I'm just happy to have met a few more folks who I would be happy to call friends and to connect with a few folks who have drifted from me over the years. That's the best part of these cons to me.
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