July 13th, 2007


Picture Post #2 -- NYC and furry art

Since I had a new digital SLR camera in my paw, I decided to go nuts in NYC taking pics of familiar landmarks. These are the ones that best conveyed the fun we all had exploring the city. Of course the 10 mp capabilities of the camera are not seen here since I reduced everything to 640x480. Also included are some pics of artwork around the Metropolitan Museum that had a furry theme to them. Some were just animals but some were true anthro. I was a bit saddened that I couldn't find the Japanese tapestry that I had found 2 years ago that had a parade of kitsunes on it. If you want to see that, here's the link to the pic. I also found several classic works with a vore theme. Enjoy.

The skyline at night from the top of the Empire State

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