September 4th, 2007


The Bulls and the Bears

Hello, LJ!

We had a rather enjoyable weekend. Mom is in town for a week. We put her on a plane to Amarillo on Thursday so she could spend a few days with my sister. On Saturday Kitty and I drove out to Texas to pick her up. Part of the plan was to go to the rodeo at Boy's Ranch where my sister works. You may remember that I paid a visit to the ranch earlier in the year where I did a little fursuiting. Mom had never been to a rodeo (nor had Kitty) so my sis thought it would be nice if we all went to see it. Well, we would see it. Sis was busy working one of the chutes. Overall it was a fun time. There was a free BBQ meal before and there were lots of families. Yes, I did start getting the heebie jeebies being surrounded by all of the good Christian folks, but I survived. We even sat with a bunch of nuns that my mom had met the day before. The sisters have a convent not too far away from the ranch.

Now I had been to one rodeo in my life. That was July 4th, 1988 in the little town of Vale, OR. I was a city boy, so I didn't know what to expect. It's good wholesome G-rated family fun. I rolled my eyes many times with the corny country humor. This rodeo was no different. At first I thought, "What a bunch of yokels!" But it's the classic city mouse/country mouse scenario. Who's to say that one form of entertainment is great while another is lame. People in the stands were having a great time. It was actually very entertaining watching the kids show off their skills, be it on the back of a horse, a bull, or even a sheep. It may not be "sophisticated" like a concert or play, but perhaps the country folks would not find that entertaining at all. And so I whooped it up, cheered for the contestants, and had a fun time. I made a comment that I would like to put on Sabot and get into the ring with a bull just like a rodeo clown. Kitty didn't like that idea at all. *lol*

And that was the exciting part of the weekend. The rest of the time was spent just chilling at home with mom. About the only other excitement was buying a carpet shampooer to clean the carpets of various animal bodily fluids. If Mesa is not peeing on the carpet because he gets all excited, Anubis is because he's getting senile. And if the dogs are not peeing on the carpet, Skookum is barfing on it. So I did a few patches of carpet and it looks/smells much better. I was shocked at all of the dirt that came up! If any locals want to borrow it, just let us know. Our rental rates are very reasonable. *grins*
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Of Mice and Men

Or should I say dog?

Last night I was sitting outside on the patio with mom. We were talking about stuff and just enjoying the beautiful evening. With us were Anubis and Mesa. Skookum was out doing her usual prowl. At one point Mesa jumped up and ran off into the darkness. It looked like he was digging for something. He came back to the table with a shit-eating grin on his muzzle. You could tell he was hiding something. He's a very possessive dog and likes to hide things or walk around with them until he's sure the coast is clear. I could see that his mouth was firmly closed. I told him to drop whatever he had. He put his head down and turned away. I grabbed his muzzle and gently but firmly told him to drop whatever he had. He opened his mouth and a small mouse fell out. It was thoroughly soaked in drool and looking very disoriented. For you vore-lovers, this would have been a dream! *LOL* The mouse finally regained his senses and took off. Bad luck for him that Skookum appeared, and now it was the cat's turn to have fun. The poor little guy ran back and forth trying to escape, but he kept running into one of the pets. Finally the cat and mouse disappeared into the darkness. Mesa looked miffed at me that I had taken away his prize. Anubis was asleep on the grass the whole time.
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