September 5th, 2007


It Sucks Getting Old

Several months ago I had written that I will no longer be taking Anubis up the mesa for our nightly walkies. It was getting tougher and tougher for him to complete the 2-mile walk. Even after I cut the length in half, he was still lagging. Of course right after I posted that, we started doing walkies every other day. He seemed to like that better, but he was still slowing down. When Mesa entered my life back in May, I thought the presence of a younger pup would spur him on. It did a little, but he was still a lagger. Finally I stopped asking if he would like to go and simply took Mesa. Yesterday I stepped outside and told Mesa the magic word, "Walkies?" he started spinning around and running towards the fence. To my surprise Anubis seemed very willing to tag along. I knew it wouldn't work because he has been hobbling around the house as of late. I think his right front paw/leg is bothering him, but there is no sensitivity or injury. I think it's something like arthritis. Anyway, I unlock the "gate" and Mesa goes bounding over the wall in search of bunnies. Anubis heads for the wall with his tail wagging. I knew what was going to happen next. He gets to the wall, puts his paws on the cinder block step as if to jump over, and he just stops. The wall is now too high for him. He just stood there staring up at the now insurmountable barrier. Where he once bounded over the wall, he could no longer muster the strength to get over. It really broke my heart to see that. I went up to him and gave him a big, long hug. I rubbed his head and told him that it was alright. He turned around and limped back into the yard where he laid down in the grass. I then hopped the wall and went after Mesa who was running around like a possessed pup. Anubis was like that once, about 12 years ago. Yeah, it sucks getting old. There is a lesson there for someone like me who will one day be staring up at that wall and realizing that I can no longer get over it. I hope I never see that day or that I will somehow be content to just go and lay on the grass.
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