September 7th, 2007


Friday Closeout

So what's new?

We had a nice furmeet last night at a Chinese Buffet. We're trying to establish a weekly gathering either at a restaurant or someone's den. We had a great turnout of 13! Hopefully we can keep the momentum going. There will also be a furmeet at Fur Central this Saturday to both show off the Den's complete new kitchen (it wasn't quite done at the last meet) and to celebrate Sept birthdays.

Tropical Depression Henriette was a complete bust! We received a total of ZERO rainfall. That's right! Nada! Nothing! Bupkiss! Goose Egg! *growls* At least the temps were nice and cool for the day and sleeping with the windows open was a joy.

I also have a couple of fursuits to show off! First is the Otto Otter suit that I will be wearing for the office at next month's kids' water festival. The second suit is my new bunny suit commissioned from the lovely and talented fauxpawroo. His name is Honeybunny, and he'll be hopping around MFF. Yes, the bear wants to be a bunny.

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