September 11th, 2007


Oh noez! A 9/11 Political Rant!

So here we are 6 years later. In the days after the disaster, folks were loathe to ask the question, "What do the terrorists want?" Who the hell cares what the s.o.b.'s want! They slaughtered 2000+ of our citizens in a most horrible fashion!! No one cared to stop and think. We were all caught up in the flag waving and the jingoistic fever of God Bless America! And we had the support of the world behind us! Everyone felt sorry for us. Everyone wanted to do something meaningful about ending terrorism. It would have been the perfect opportunity to start an international dialog about the ills of the world.


We start a war in Iraq instead. We put people in prison without charge. We ship people around the world where they can be tortured. We submit prisoners to degrading behavior in violation of the Geneva Convention. We throw out the Constitution in the name of security. We slaughter unknown tens of thousands of Iraquis. We turn the world against us. We talk of war with Iran. And we still take our shoes off at the airport and throw out our 4 oz bottles of shampoo.

What did the terrorists want? Perhaps we should answer that. It was not that they hated our freedom or our country. They hated our Western culture. They hated that we were in their Holy Land and imposing our evil and wicked ways on them. OMG! Their religion is so evil and backwards! Oh! And our Christian fundamentalists in this country are any better? Are we discussing this? No. It's more simple to believe that Muslims are evil and Americans are right in everything at all times. The world WANTS MTV! The world WANTS Coca-Cola and Starbucks. And perhaps the world does! The world may truly desire Western culture except for a few religious loonies. But can we talk about it? Can we think? Can we hear all sides without one shouting the other down? 9/11 should become not a day of prayer, but a day of thought. How can we make the world a more just and equitable place where there is no crushing poverty that breeds the extremism that leads to terrorism. Perhaps I'm turning more socialist as I get older. I like having money. I like having things. But how much is too much? Why are there people earning 300x the salary of their lowest paid employees? Why can't the average Joe afford a house? Why can oil companies make billions in profits in countries where people live on pennies a day? Jeez. I'm turning into a hippie.
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