September 18th, 2007


Bad Movie Night

Our friends thechick and chucklemagne like to host regular "bad movie nights" over at their place. They invited us over on Sunday to watch a selection from their vast movie collection. The first feature was "Faust" from the Czech Republic. I don't remember the original story from high school, and this interpretation certainly didn't help. On the IMDB there are many comments on how this was a brilliant piece of avant garde cinema. Ummmm.....yeah. I suppose someone could spend a lot of time going through the story and the symbolism, but for us regular folk, it was just plain weird. Life-sized marionettes played prominent parts in the flick and folks put on wooden suits like I would put on a fursuit. And "Team America" was not the first movie to feature marionette sex. If the proper parts are not present, you can just get a drill and make them. There was also quite a bit of Ray Harryhausen-esque stop-motion claymation thrown in. Not a bad movie overall, just very very weird.

The second feature of our own little grindhouse was "Wild Zero". If the Ramones starred in "From Dusk 'Til Dawn", that would be a close approximation to this awful Japanese punk rock/space alien/ zombie movie. Lots of random action and violence with a horrible jap-punk soundtrack. I guess Guitar Wolf wants to be the Japanese Joey Ramone. How do you destroy the alien mothership? Easy! Your guitar neck becomes a samurai sword with which you slice the ship as it passes over your head. I have to chastise Chuck for not showing this movie properly. All of his dvd's are stored out of their cases to save space. According to the IMDB there is supposedly a drinking game that goes along with this movie, and the rules are on the dvd case. I feel cheated! *LOL*
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