October 1st, 2007


GS-11 Fursuiting

Only a few federal friends will know what I'm talking about.

Today was the first time I officially suited for the USBR. It was a pretty nice gig. I had donned the Otto the Otter suit a few weeks ago, so I knew it would fit quite nicely. There are head/neck issues, but hopefully it didn't detract from my performance. The event was the Rio Ranch Children's Water Festival. 4th graders from several elementary schools all converged on the "new" Santa Ana Star Center and heard various presentations about water and water conservation. I greeted them as they arrived and passed out free USBR trinkets. I tried to have them answer water questions that were written on laminated sheets, but it was just too difficult to maneuver the cards with my paws, get correct answers, and pass out the "prizes." Kitty was handling me and I just told her to pass out stuff to all the kids that wanted it. The weather was absolutely perfect with cool temps and a nice breeze. Inside I wandered around a bit, but I didn't want to distract the kids from their presentations. It was very chilly inside as well since the arena is the home to the New Mexico Scorpions hockey team and they just started pouring the ice for this season. Everyone was freezing except for me!

Yesterday I finally suited the Santa Fe Plaza. I had been meaning to do it for a few years, and the opportunity arose to finally do it. As I mentioned in an earlier LJ post, the alternative paper from Santa Fe will be doing a story on furry. Being the media slut/attention whore that I am, I volunteered to provide some material for the fursuiting aspect of the fandom. I ran around the plaza and entertained the folks/tourists that had congregated there. Hopefully I showed him why I fursuit; the hugs from kids and adults, the picture taking, the general silliness, and the overall fun. After suiting, Kitty and I had a long interview with him about our take on the fandom in general. We've invited him to our weekly furmeet, so hopefully he'll get an accurate picture of the types of folks that call themselves furry.

And now.....PICS!

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