October 17th, 2007


Old Skool

Yesterday, tilton made a post about typewriters. There aren't that many of us greymuzzles out there, so probably most furs out there cut their report-writing fangs on word processors. Me, I never used a word processor until grad school in 1987. Before that I was pecking away on typewriters. In grade school and, I believe, into high school I used an old manual that I inherited from my parents. At some time prior to college, I upgraded to my own electric model. That was my mainstay all through college. I caught many a buzz on correction fluid or developed white fingers from correction sheets.

I tried to find my old electric last night but to no avail. I know it must be gathering dust somewhere. If I find it, I'll post a pic. I did, however, take a pic of my first typewriter. This is the old manual on which I learned "word processing."

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