October 18th, 2007


"There But For The Grace of God Go I"

I have been thinking about this statement for many weeks now. I must say that it is truly one of my most hated phrases. To me it implies that there is a big guy in the sky passing out blessings to certain people. If you don't get one, you're S.O.L. I think about this phrase whenever I see a bum on the street. I think about punching their face in if they ask me for spare change. Yes, I'm one of those "get a job!" type people. I really don't care that you're mentally ill or that you have an addiction. You're a drain on society and you give back nothing. There are people all around me with problems, but they deal. Life is hard whether you're a human or a squirrel. Get used to that idea. We all have our struggles.

And that's where this "grace" pisses me off. Why are some of us better off than the rest? I feel that my life is very good. There are many who are better off than me, but there are many more who have it worse. I got here through hard work and discipline. Of course there was luck as well. Is "luck" another word for "grace?" If so, then why is there bad luck? Should the bums on the street then be saying as I walk by, "There but for the grace of Satan go I?"

I guess this is nothing more than my traditional rant against religion and especially Christianity. I guess I'm continuing to lose my value placed in the individual. Why should we turn the other cheek? What do we gain in forgiving someone who has wronged us? I can see that there is no benefit in carrying a grudge. People who are eaten by thoughts of revenge live tormented lives. But I don't see the point in blanket forgiveness like Jesus proposed. You can murder all your life but ask for forgiveness with your dying breath and be granted a place in heaven. The more I think about it, the more I think Jesus was a chump. Hey! You nailed me to a cross and did all sorts of terrible things to me! That's ok! I forgive you! But what does that buy you? Bad things are still going to happen to you! It's sort of like Job. That's one of my favorite Bible stories. Here's a guy who lived a good life and God decides to fuck with him. But he doesn't lose faith! Hey, Job! Was it worth it?

Why does spirituality supposedly have to be tied with sacrifice and suffering? Perhaps that's why I gravitated to the pagan religions. Celebrate life! Be aware of the life lessons that are being taught all around us! Love the Earth! Do no harm! We are all a part of this glorious thing called life. But you are what you make of life. There is no bearded white guy passing out blessings. I'm beginning to understand why the Christians rose up and crushed the Pagan beliefs after they gained power. It's all a control thing. The more I see it, the more I turn away from it. If it's your thing, however, then go for it. I wish you luck with that. Me, I'll find spirituality somewhere else.