October 26th, 2007


Too Much Fursuiting?

Is there such a thing?!? Nahhhhh!

I'm sitting here in the "green room" at the convention center waiting for the rugrats to go to lunch in about an hour. I'll go out there as Otto and frolic with them on the Civic Plaza. It seems to be a somewhat rowdy bunch, but I guess it's no different than yesterday's bunch.

Tomorrow is Zoo Boo. I absolutely love this event so I'm looking forward to it. We have been having unseasonably warm temps, but there's supposed to be some sort of weak front passing through. Hopefully it will kick up a nice breeze at least.

Next Sunday is Dawgy Dash and Dawdle. This is another one of my favorite events. Zunipup will be out there interacting with a few thousand dogs. If you think kids are bad, dogs are worse! You're either going to get growled at or pounced. The crowd loves it when my butt gets sniffed. No, I don't reciprocate. *lol*

After that it's MFF time! Maybe I should get a few more shots of me in suit downtown. I wanna be the first fursuiter at the Picasso!

Oh well. T-minus 30 minutes until I am back in suit. Have a great weekend!
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