October 29th, 2007


Zoo Boo '07

I have just started getting caught up on my LJ Friends page. It seems that were lots of great events this past weekend for fursuiters. I must say that I am happy to have been apart of one of those events. This was my 5th Zoo Boo at the Rio Grande Zoo. Once again the day was filled with lots of cute kids in furry costumes and parents who wanted to get their kids' pics taken with a big fluffy polar bear. I think this also marks the most fursuiters at the event with 4 of us. There was a person in a creepy bunny suit, but he/she was definitely not part of our group. There was also an awesome Alien and Predator walking around. Of course Nevada had to get his pic taken with them. The entertainment this year were middle school bands playing rock/pop tunes. I didn't see the bands playing, but one band had a kid in a penguin suit. She was so happy to hear that the polar bear wanted a pic with her. It was hard to tell what the most popular costume was this year. There were hoards of Batmen and Spidermen for boys and princesses and fairies for girls. Of course I was most happy to pose with future furries in their cute animal costumes. The case-in-point was MIA NMFurry edthecabbit. He was there with his kid who was wearing an adorable skunk suit.

Overall it was an awesome day. I was in suit for about 2.5 hours before I had to call it quits due to a sweat-soaked suit. Afterwards there was pizza at Fur Central. I was just too wiped out to make it to feralmuse's party.

Quote of the weekend: "Wow! That's a whole carload of fail!"

And now.....PICS!
daeleo, thipher_84 in Abbey, edthecabbit with his kid, me in Nevada, tenax in Ralph, and skitzycat

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