November 1st, 2007


Halloween Recap

Well, I did everything I said I was going to do in yesterday's post. I wore my Pooh suit, watched "Beetlejuice" and "Young Frankenstein," drank way too much wine, and passed out candy to the few kids that showed up. At one point 3 teenagers showed up and I gave them each a handful of candy. A few minutes later they showed up again. I was going to chastise them for being greedy, but they had come back to get a pic of me in Pooh. *lol* I gave them extra candy when one knew that we were watching "Young Frankenstein" just by hearing the dialog. About the only other "exciting" thing that happened was that daeleo and shajoni had come over earlier and helped Kitty make her tasty creamy chicken and spinach casserole. Later in the evening dragoncrescent and eaglem16 stopped by for a quick visit. And that was it. Maybe next year I'll try something new.
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