November 15th, 2007


I Claim 1st Fursuiter!

Well, stria_inbiri and I were unofficially the 1st fursuiters at MFF '07. I wore Honey Bunny for the 1st time today. He's a good suit (thanks, fauxpawroo!), and I have already developed a schtick for him. He's always bouncy! The hotel was mostly filled with mundanes before noon, but we were very well received. It was very fun to watch as the hotel became more and more furry as time went on. I just came up to the room to refresh my beverage (so far a six-pack of PBR!) and thought I would make a quick post. So far things are rockin'! There are soooo many furs here right now. The good vibe is definitely starting to build. I think I will pour myself another cold one and head back down to the lobby. Whoot!
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