November 16th, 2007


Riding a High

Yes, I know I should be enjoying the con and not screwing around on LJ, but I just wanted to capture the mood of the moment.

Kitty and I just had the most awesome con suite experiences! I had been fretting about this evening's meal for weeks now. My plan was to serve sushi for the general population of a con. Would it work or crash and burn? The answer tonight was a resounding "Fuck yeah, it can work!" I can't take all of the credit. Some should go to the MFF executive board for allocating a healthy budget for con suite. Without the funding, we would have had to settle for a lot less. But I am definitely patting myself on the back for coming up with the sushi idea. It was an undeniable success! I heard comments being whispered around the suite that it was the most awesome thing folks had ever experienced at a con. *beams* That's what a con suite director wants to hear! And it couldn't have been done without our awesome assembly of con suite staff and go-furs. We had such an INCREDIBLE crew!

The day was not without its drama, however. First there was the task of picking up the sushi. I had placed a large order at Mitsuwa Japanese market a few miles away. When I got there, they had my order all ready to go. They swiped my credit card...and it was rejected. WTF?!?! I quickly called and was told that my credit limit was enough to buy a small house. Why the fuck wasn't the card going through?!? Soon I was talking to a representative who told me that because the purchase was so large and out of state, they froze my account. Well thank you very much!!! Soon my card was approved and I walked out the door with over a 1000 pieces of sushi.

The other screw up of the evening was that I must have given Quasi the wrong number for some pre-cooked chicken strips I wanted to add to some stir fry veggies. Instead I was given frozen un-cooked chicken. That added about an hour of prep time. But I stir-fried in a bathroom for almost 3 hours straight. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and I had a great time preparing it. Many thanks to Rorydog who brought me alcohol which kept me sane.

So why do I do con suite? Because it is appreciated by so many people. The best comment I heard was that I was so unassuming and that I kept in the background. Well of course! I AM in it to make people happy, but I never want to be in-your-face about it. Why do I hold so many furmeets at my den? Because I LOVE to see people happy and having a good time! That's my place in the fandom. When you have a good time, I have a good time! Just seeing so many smiling faces tonight or hearing so many "Mmmmmmmm's!" made my day! Yeah! I worked my tail off in the back room frying up food, but it was a labor of love.

And now I think I'll suit up and do a little performing as Nevada. I need a little fursuiting time. Tomorrow I'll be right back at it, cooking up tasty treats for all of the con-goers.