November 22nd, 2007


MFF '08 Preview

Last night Kitty and I braved the rain/sleet/snow to head on up to Wheeling to meet up with duncandahusky, takaza, and linnaeus to check out the new MFF hotel. The major reason was because Kitty and I plan on doing con suite again, and we would love a preview of the new layout. What would we have to deal with? Well, the new hotel is gorgeous! It's very modern and perhaps a bit sterile, but it's also very classy. The amount of con space is incredible! The lobby environment is not as inviting as the Hyatt, but the hallway in front of the main ballroom is like a football field. There are plenty of spaces to hang out. The ballroom is HUGE! I propose fursuit football! *LOL*

Con suite should rock! We will be on the 15th floor. There is a good-sized kitchenette where food prep can take place so no more bathroom stir fry. There are also 2 good-sized balconies. It still remains a question as to whether folks will be allowed out there. I'm all for letting folks on 1 balcony while using the other for soda storage. If people get retarded and start throwing stuff off or other stupidity, we can close it off.

After a tour of our new home, we had an incredible dinner at the hotel's steak and seafood place. Yes, it's $$$$$$, as in $80/person with wine and dessert, but it was sooooo yummy! There is a Claim Jumper and Buca di Beppo within sight of the hotel lobby.

So it looks like 2008 will be a wonderful con. The location is a bit remote, but there was lots of new retail space right outside of the hotel that might possibly be filled over the next year. We shall see! And now...PICS!

The big ballroom

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