November 30th, 2007


Making Money Work - Update

Just over a month ago I made a post about playing the market and always trying to money work for you. At that time I dumped a bunch of stock at a loss. I then re-invested the proceeds in new investments.

I thought I would keep track of my progress here in LJ. I know there are a few "financial furs" out there who are interested in investing. I thought we could compare notes as we plot our futures. So for those that are interested, I'll put details behind a cut. You need to click to see if the bear is a bull or just full of it. *grins*

Collapse )

I hope to do updates every month or so. It'll hopefully either encourage investment or, hopefully not, give you a reason to point, snicker, and yell, "PWN3D!"

I really need to commission a Daddy Warbear/Richie Rich Bear icon.
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